Patrick Johnson Still A Hurricane?


I read the message boards, I get caught up in the whimsical decisions of 17 year old kids as much as the next Hurricanes’ fan. Patrick Johnson is as good a recruit as Miami has had commit in years. He has great size for a corner yet can run with the best of them.

There is an article in today’s Sun Sentinel talking about the Johnson recruiting saga and the tenuous position for the Hurricanes. Some selected quotes:

“Right now, I have not changed my mind,” Johnson said. “I just want to see some other places to make sure that I made the right decision.”

“People make a big deal out of me going to this place or that place,” Johnson said. “If Miami is indeed the school for me, everything will fall into place. I’m a believer in things working out for a reason.”

“These visits are not just for me,” Johnson said. “I wanted my mom to get the chance to see these schools as well.”

Recently, PJ opened up his recruitment. It started with the trip to LA for USC’s “Rising Stars Camp” where he dominated and cemented his stance as the top defensive back in the nation. The trip opened some eyes, and PJ’s commitment. Don’t worry about it. Johnson is a competitive kid who wanted to prove he is the best in the nation. Let the Gators, Trojans, and even Aggies (yes, Texas A&M fans think they actually have a shot with this kid) have their flights of fancy. Johnson will be a Hurricane.

Patrick Johnson is just like every South Florida kid. He wants to see the country. Take some visits. Hell, I saw He Got Game. If I knew I could travel the country to college campuses getting introduced to the local talent, I’d take every visit I’m allowed.  And apparently moms wants some fun too.

Trust in Randy, this kid is a Hurricane. Oh, in case you needed more proof, he loves flashing “The U”…