In Other Miami Sports News…

Miami FC is still alive in the playoff chase. What is Miami FC you ask? Well, its our very own 2nd rate soccer team. Well, if you count the MLS as first rate (and in America, we do).


Miami FC, our mascot’s head is on FI-YA!

The FC, as the cool kids call it, currently holds a 2 point advatage over the Charleston Battery (Jason Kidd recently signed to a 10 day contract) and the Carolina Railhawks (we can all safely assume “railhawks” means “vagabonds”).

Miami has played their last game of the season and needs the Jason Kidds and the Vagabonds to lose their remaining games to make it into the unrelenting excitement that is ; the USL Playoffs.

Just in case that didn’t wet your appetite for some South Florida Minor League Soccer action. Miami FC has their own “Miami FC Hotties”. Who’s uniforms consist of daisy dukes and cut t-shirts. Classy!

Here are some samples:

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